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Lauri Porra

Finland Finland

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Lauri Porra is well known for his versatility to work within a wide range of genres. He is most known for his work with such bands as Stratovarius, Emma Salokoski Ensemble, Kotipelto and Crazy World. He has also released two solo albums, the critically acclaimed Lauri Porra (2005) and more recently All Children Have Superpowers (2008). He has also composed score music for TV-series and Movies such as the 2007 finnish hit movie V2: Jäätynyt enkeli. Lauri is a fourth generation musician, born 13 dec 1977 in Helsinki. He started to study music at age 6 when he started to play cello in a local music school. In 1993 he switched to bass guitar and continued his studies in the Helsinki Pop Jazz Conservatory (1994-2004) additionally he has taken lessons on piano, double bass, trumpet and male vocals. During 1997-1999 he sang with the renowned YL male choir performing for instance with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Some Bands Lauri Has Played and Recorded With:

  • Stratovarius
  • Emma Salokoski Ensemble
  • Sinergy
  • Warmen
  • Kotipelto
  • Almah
  • Crazy World
  • Ben Granfelt Band
  • Peter Lerche
  • Juice Leskinen & Mikko Alatalo
  • Tunnelvision
  • Manna
  • Torpedo
  • Kriya
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • Avanti! Chamber Orchestra
  • Uusinta Chamber orchestra

Other Work:

  • Music for Finnish TV-series: Alamaailma, Underworld trilogy (2010)
  • Music for Finnish TV-series: Morsian, Married to a lie (2009)
  • Music for the Finnish movie V2: Jäätynyt Enkeli (2007)
  • Musical director for a musical Janis! (2008-2009)
  • Musical director for a musical revue Heavy x-mas (2006-2007)

Awards etc:

  • Nokia Young Talent Scholarship 2001
  • Femmagaala: Pelimannifemma (finnish musician of the year) 2007