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The Flower Kings

Sweden Sweden

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Symphonic Contemporay Style (Prog)
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As a young member of Kaipa performing in the early 70-s Roine Stolt had done some studio/session work to start a solo project called The Flower King. He brought together drummer Jaime Salazar (ex-Jonas Hellborg), percussionist Hasse Bruniusson (ex-Ensemble Nimbusex-Samla Mammas Manna), his brother Micheal Stolt (bass) and longtime friend Tomas Bodin ( Keyboards) for this project.

When this band started to tour the band The Flower Kings were born. 

Since that time the members have found lots of work outside of the band:

IN 2019, after the long break, the band sported a new line-up and a new release.  The new line-up added Zach Kamins.(An Endless SporadicJonas Reingold (Agents of MercyKaipa and Mirko DeMaio to the core of Roine Stolt and Hasse Fröberg.