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Prog Metal (Uncategorized) (Prog-Metal)
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During the first months after it's creation in late 2004, the group was called Tzigan Therapy. The name reflected the use of violin and a tilt towards Easter European musical influences. Over time, evolution rendered this name obsolete as the band drew from a broader source of influences and so Transbohêm Orchestra and then simply Transbohêm was the result.

By 2010, a stable line was established around the core of Jean-Marc Gobat and Yves Corves.  

Musically the vocals are a part of the instrumental interplay without "drowning under a flood of words".  In this way the vocals might bring to mind Lisa Gerrard or even Magma in that they are simple phonemes without linguist meaning but with emotion and a poetry of sound rather than of words.

The band makes reference to albums such as  Red (King Crimson), Close to the Edge (Yes) as wells as Magma, Univers Zero and Art Zoyd and while they also use terms such as 'dark' 'progressive world metal' to describe themselves, they will also accept Zeuhl as their musical umbrella.

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