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The Mercury Tree


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The Mercury Tree is a progressive rock band out of Portland, OR. 

The 'band' started off as Ben's solo project in 2004 buy in 2006 became a full band in 2006 with the addition of Mike Byrne on drums, James Crutcher on bass, and Avery Cooper on guitar. In 2007. Mike and James later moved on to a new project called Moses, Smell The Roses

A new lineup convened after this, including Liz Kuhn on flute and Alan Johnson on bass - along with the recording of  the Descent EP in 2009 which included guest drumming from Mike. Then new drummer Connor Reilly entered the picture in 2010, providing an awesome heavy prog influence. The band released its' first full length recording, Pterodactyls, in 2011.

After three years in the band, Alan moved on to new projects in fall 2011, to be replaced by Aaron Clark on bass.

The band's more current directions lead them towards a more spacey, jam-oriented, shoegaze mood, with more use of live looping and keyboards.