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Hope To Find

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Hope To Find, founded in 2003 by the guitarists Seçkin Can KOYUNCU and Zafer YÜKSEL, started off as a composition composed of the desire of expressing and transferring the intuitive tastes and which is still in an evolution process and will keep being in that process. In the following years, after the continuous member changes, the band recorded their musical composition named “Dance of the Flowers”. This record took place in the compilation album of “Eskisehir Rock Toplulugu - (ERT)” in 2006. The band started working on new compositions under the roof of “progressive rock”. They got into a very intensive working process which includes a perfect chemical harmony among the band members and all the passionate afforts that they made. The process which began in November 2008 resulted in the composition and arrangement of four songs until June 2009.
Between July 2009 and October 2009, recording and mixing were done by Volkan YIRTICI in Detay Müzik Studios (Ankara, Turkey). Mastering was carried out by Rick O’Neil in Turtlerock Mastering Studios (Sydney, Australia). In the mean time, some work on visual elements were started to be carried out, too. On that matter, dear Gülbin ÖZDAMAR AKARÇAY and Ebru BARANSELI, to whom the band is so grateful, helped us.