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a Studio Release
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Added To Proggnosis on: 04 Mar 2010
Last Updated on: 12 Sep 2010 by: Rob

Track Listing 

  1. Edge Of The In-Between (10:29)
  2. The Emperor's Clothes (6:00)
  3. Kamikaze (4:15)
  4. From The Darkness (16:53)
    • The Darkness
    • Chance Meeting
    • On My Own
    • Start Over Again
  5. The Quiet House (9:13)
  6. Their Names Escape Me (8:50)
  7. The Man Behind The Curtain (7:42)
  8. Jaws Of Heaven (16:22)
    • Homesick For The Ashes
    • Words Of War
    • Deep In The Wondering
    • Whole Again

Performer Credits  

Ryo Okumoto
Hammond organ, Keyboards, mellotron
Dave Meros
bass, vocals, keyboards
Alan Morse
guitars, vocals
Nick D'Virgilio
drums, percussion, vocals
    John Boegehold
    Additional Keyboards
    Jimmy Keegan
    Backing Vocals
    Danielle Ondarza
    on (2,6,7,8)
    Dennis Jiron
    on (2,6,7,8)
    The Section Quartet
    on (1,2,6,8)
      Eric Gorfain
      Daphne Chen
      Lauren Chapman
      Richard Dodd


review by: Rob

The 10th studio album by Spocks Beard is called X.

For me Spock's Beard has his best period with Neal Morse.
When he left the band in 2003 i was shocked and worried what would happen to the band
Releasing the last album Snow with Neal Morse in 2002 SB released 3 more studio albums
  • Euphoria (2003)
  • Octane (2005)
  • Spock's Beard (2006)
Snow is not best SB album ever but the follow-ups did not much to me. Shure there where highlights and the musicianship is without question. The compositions where never in my top-list of classics.
At some point i lost intrest in this band.
With this release i questioned myself if this would be really an album to buy?. For goodtimes sake i did.

My expectations where not high and perhaps therefore i had a clear mind and was open for everything to come. And that is what you should do.
Forget the SB with Neal Morse and expect something different.

The album is limited edition with 8 tracks
Opening with Edge Of The In-Between (10:29) Ryo Okumoto's keyboards are bombastic as never before<
The Emperor's Clothes (6:00) is co written by Neal Morse and was sceduelled to be on Allan Morse's solo album. The song did not make it.
Kamikaze (4:15)is Ryo Okumoto does Keith Emerson
From The Darkness (16:53) has epic SB status.
The Quiet House (9:13) is more Marillion/Hogarth style
Their Names Escape Me (8:50) is a remarkable song. The band financed this album by selling pre-orders like Marillion are also doing. The names of those fans supporting and financing this album are mentioned in the song. Song for the fans by the fans
The bonus track from Spock's Beard "X" Limited Edition - "Their Names Escape Me" is now available for download on iTunes as a single.
The Man Behind The Curtain (7:42) reveals old SB at their best. Specially Bass of Dave Meros is excellent
And now highlight of the album. The song that made me SB fan again: Jaws Of Heaven (16:22)
Excellent harmony vocals in second part of the song.
One of the best albums in 2010.!!

ProgRobber rating: 8/10

Spock's Beard is dead, long live Spock's Beard !!

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