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Found In Nature

a Studio Release
Release Year:
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Added To Proggnosis on: 18 Nov 2004

Track Listing 

  1. Burning Bush
  2. Darker Bows of Rain
  3. Dolmen
  4. Variable Shades of Friendship
  5. Oak, Elm, and Spruce
  6. Ingredients, Pink Lady Lemonade, Liftoff
  7. Chiaro (Clear Audient V3.0)
  8. Unrepaired Roads
  9. Raksasha-Loka
  10. Blue Wings
  11. Shadow Paws and Mirror Tails
  12. Foghorns and Phantoms
  13. Streetsweeping Sauce
  14. Wilder Beams of Moon
  15. The Ancient Structure
  16. Your Last Call

Performer Credits  

Don Falcone (Spaceship Eyes)
Daevid Allen (Gong)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso
Graham Clark (Gong)
Trey Sabatelli (The Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Rundgren)
Judge Trev (ICU)
plus members of Azigza, King Black Acid, Melting Euphoria, Mushroom, Trap, University of Errors, Weird Biscuit Teatime


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